duck fat potato gratin

duck fat potato gratin // brooklyn supperThe fact is, I’ve never been big on Valentine’s Day. When I was single and living in Boston, one Valentine’s Day I stopped by the market to get a half pound of fish. The guys at the counter were like, “A half pound? Eating alone? (Awww, she’s eating alone.)” But really I didn’t mind. Even now, I think of it more as the fourth anniversary of our building’s basement catching fire. So, though Brian and I are definitely meant for each other, and I count myself lucky for finding such a great man, neither of us is particularly keen on the trappings of Valentine’s Day. We’re not that big on soul mates, chocolate, crafting, or candles.

There are a lot of desserts and heart-shaped confections out there. Funny desserts, easy ones, chocolaty ones. There are steaks and heart-shaped pizza and special lasagna recipes. But here, at our place tonight, we’ll be roasting a chicken, and serving it with this savory duck fat potato gratin. For dessert, we’ll make something understated and easy. And then, we’ll put the girls to bed, clink glasses, and be grateful for the simple, wonderful life we lead. However you celebrate, happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s to love in all its forms.

We are sharing our potato gratin recipe over on Babble Food, where you can also find our step-by-step tarte tatin recipe, and a round-up of romantic French-inspired recipes.


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    Firstly, this duck fat gratin looks amazelicious. Secondly, I’m glad to hear that there are other people out there in love, but not necessarily into love hearts, and an overabundance of red things. Here’s to loving the one you love the same, every day of the year!

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