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  1. lindsay | rosemarried

    First of all, I am officially starving after reading/seeing this. Gosh, I love a good croque monsieur.

    Secondly, love the restaurant stories. “The bartender made this drink perfectly, please leave.” Amazing.

    • Hi Lindsay, Glad you like the croque. It is slightly homely, so I was hoping for the best. And, after working an insane lineup of high school and college jobs, Brian has the best work stories. He left one out about someone being thrown out for claiming a steak was “too tender.” Ha!

  2. Oh man, that line about his dual commitment to great food and being a jerk actually made me laugh out loud at work. So now everyone knows I’m not really working.

    OH WELL! Time for a sandwich.

  3. OOOOOH i love a good croque monsieur. i was in nice to years ago and the first thing on the to do list was eat a croque monsieur! i love that you put spinach in yours… a good way to feel less bad about eating all that buttery goodness :-)

  4. Freedom

    I’ve been thinking about this onion soup/cheesecake story all the time. That’s a recipe you should tackle.

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