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  1. Reeva

    I can’t wait to create this–I have several bacon monsters in my family that will EAT this up! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Jan

    Looks & sounds yummy!

  3. What a poetic description of the fear that I feel walking through NYC on a windy day! I nearly lost my head once as a metal sign went flying from its hinges on 3rd Avenue moments after I ducked into a deli to get out of a wind-rain storm. Only in NYC…

  4. Here in Colorado windy days mean tumbleweeds barreling down the road. I prefer to stay in on those days- it’s just too intense for me. I love the flavor of roasted garlic in soup, and the bacon/cauliflower combo seems like a great idea.

  5. Hi the soup sounds yummy and will make it for my family….I remember living in Williamsburg …love and miss that town; I especially remember walking to the “L”
    train on windy and cold days; there was point in the walk where I just had to exclaim “BRRRR!” Love to read more and learn too; please feel free to pop at my place! Thanks again!

  6. This sounds so absolutely delicious – different, unique, and comforting all at the same time. Pinned!

  7. it was so difficult to not munch on the ingredients while i was making this soup. fantastic!

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