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  1. lizzie

    looks amazing (and I might put a little liqueur in w the poaced clementines) — don’t you need to worry about little pits on the clementines?

    • Hi Lizzie, I think liquor with the poaching liquid would be quite nice! And there were just a few seeds in my clementines, but if it’s a concern, you could cut a little sliver in the center and squeeze the seeds out.

  2. What a gorgeous cake! Way to put those fussy cakes to shame with something rustic and perfect. That pic of the clementines in the syrup, whoa, so pretty.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with you! I want my cakes to be packed full of flavor! Who cares if it’s an exact replica of the car from Grease? Give me gooey oozy flavor any day of the week.

  4. This looks so good. Thanks for the pictures – they make it easier for a novice baker like me to follow the recipe!

  5. Michelle

    Lovely !!
    Pls add me to ur mailing list :)

  6. I just barely got to meet you at Alt but saved your card! Your blog is lovely. I also try and focus on seasonal ingredients. This citrus cake sounds like one I would devour!! I’ll be adding your posts to my seasonal recipe list that I put up at the first of the month. Happy blogging!

    • Hi Becky, I so wish we had more time to chat, but it was such a busy time for all of us! Thanks so much for adding the cake to your seasonal recipe list. I love your blog too, and am really looking forward to following your culinary adventures!

  7. Oh, YES. I am so very over the over-processed, over-food colored fake-y cakes. Plus underneath all the fondant, I find that those fanciful creations tend to not taste very good. What’s the point? But this cake is EVERYTHING: cornmeal, syrup-y clementines… what a lovely, simple, perfect winter cake. It looks beautiful too– naturally beautiful.


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