apple upside-down cornmeal cakes

Apple upside-down cake recipe, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved
Weeks, and perhaps a lifetime, ago we went apple picking. It was one of those chilly, perfect fall days with clear blue skies. We were late in getting to apples this year, and found only Mutsus left on the trees. No matter, we happily filled up our bag with these crisp, bright, mildly sweet apples.  

We also picked up a load of winter squash and pumpkins right from the patch. We ended with cider, snacks, and a trip to the bounce castle. (Yes, apple picking is a big business for local farmers, and even if a bounce castle kind of ruins my picture perfect trip to the farm, it absolutely made my five year-old’s day.)

Family apple picking; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved

I had planned to make apple butter or sauce, but the crisp Mutsus were so wonderful fresh, or cut up in oatmeal or with yogurt, that the 25 pound supply dwindled surprisingly quickly. Not wanting to let them slip by entirely, I made a batch of tiny apple upside-down cornmeal cakes. Imbued with notes of vanilla and orange, and a bit of texture from the cornmeal, these wholesome little cakes are a pitch-perfect fall dessert.

Mutsu apples, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved

Apple upside-down cake recipe, via; © Brooklyn Supper 2012, all rights reserved

We’re sharing the recipe in a guest post over on Design Crush, a blog written by my lovely friend Kelly–check it out. I’m pretty big on comfort food in trying times, so I hope these little cakes might be a bright spot in your day.

Here’s hoping that the road to recovery from Sandy has begun. We’ve rounded up a few ways to help here. Wherever you are, I hope that you and yours are safe, warm, and healthy. With broken hearts, our thoughts remain with all those who have lost so much in this utterly devastating natural disaster.

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