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  1. Beautiful jam! So in love with that last picture, too. Nice work getting all of that canning done, wow!

  2. Looks delicious, as always. I’m wow’ed by your canning prowess—you did all that with two little kids around?!—and can’t wait to hear more about the summit. xo

  3. Is this something that I can make ahead and use while it’s fresh, instead of storing? We canned when we had a much bigger kitchen (something like the size of our apartment now) and I remember what a lot of room it took, not to mention my Brooklyn kitchen doesn’t exactly have storage space.

  4. Elizabeth, I so wish I were your neighbor…all of this sounds amazing!

  5. This was one of the first recipes I flagged in the book. Looks like it turned out wonderful. Can’t wait to give it a try.

  6. jen

    oh my goodness!! this recipe is amazing! mine are processing right now and i am so excited to hear all the oohhs and ahhs and yums when i pull this out to accompany roast pork or chicken. well done you!

  7. This is so intriguing – never heard of a tomato lime jam. I love the idea of serving this with a simple chicken or pork dish as Jen has said before me. This will be a keeper. Have only canned pickles before, so love the idea of doing something new with canning.

  8. zach

    how tight do you put the lid on the jar when you boil it? do they not explode?

    also you say they last ten days – but you can store them for longer if you dont open?

    • Hi Zach, It sounds like you might be new to home canning. I highly recommend the Ball Canning site to get familiar with the basics: http://www.freshpreserving.com/home.aspx To answer your question, I put the lids on tight, but just until I hit resistance. Canning lids are designed to let air out during the water bath and not explode. The jam will last about 10 days in the fridge once you’ve opened the jar. Before that, the jam is shelf stable. Thanks for checking out the recipe!

  9. Lin

    Hi Elizabeth, I have read through this recipe several times, but I seem to be missing how many half pint jars one could expect from this recipe.




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