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  1. Elizabeth – I never “braised” before – I always envisioned pale, bland meat as the end result. I love the broiling idea – would that work for all the parts? And do you do this at the very end, just before serving?

  2. Hi Sheri, We always sear chicken, or any meat, before braising, both for color and flavor, and it is always fantastic and gorgeous. For this braise, I was photographing the dish a day later, so I just popped it in the broiler for a little added color–it’s not really part of my recipe, and I can’t say how it would affect cooking times. The bottom line with a braise done right is: it’s going to look just fine, and anyway, the impossibly tender, falling-off-the-bone, melt-in-your-mouth meat speaks for itself.

  3. Braised chicken is the best! I usually get legs or chicken thighs and either do Southeast Asian-style braise with coconut milk or go with red or white wine. The radishes in your dish add such a nice spring component!


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