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  1. I love garlicky greens like this and I’ve never tried it with a splash of vinegar. I’ll be sure to do it next time. I wish I lived near you because I’m looking for a new CSA. We loved the one we belonged to last year, but due to unfortunate circumstances they couldn’t continue. Nothing like local and fresh produce.

  2. This looks delicious. I usually add a little chopped onion to the mix. Or bacon if I’m feeling naughty ;)

  3. Oh. My. Word. This looks incredible.

    How have I never visited your site before? You have a new fan.


  4. Oh, YUM! This is one of my favorite meals too. I just love the combination of sauteed greens, garlic and runny egg yolk. Happy Spring!

  5. This looks delicious! I love getting leafy greens from the farmers market – they are so tender and fresh enough to use as salad if I don’t have time to cook.


  1. […] hardneck garlic packs a lot less heat than the softneck variety, so it’s a great option for really garlicky dishes. One of my favorite preparations–just right for tossing in a summer grain salad or pasta […]

  2. […] I forgot to take pictures because I was so hungry, but I made these garlicky sautéed greens with over-easy eggs this morning! Here’s the recipe: http://www.brooklynsupper.net/2012/03/garlicky-sauteed-greens/ […]

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