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  1. oh, i must make this! love everything going on in that bowl. i’m a mushroom freak but rarely roast them so it will be a welcome departure for me.

  2. joanne

    wow!!! i cannot wait to try this as i am a mushroom lover. also trying to lose some weight!!!

  3. I’ve been on a big frisee kick lately– this salad looks wonderful! I love the combination of the mushrooms and the lemon; it seems like that zip of citrus would really compliment the earthy mushrooms. Can’t wait to give this salad a try!

  4. Debra Winke

    Just made this for dinner. Only had criminal mushrooms and added lardons but it was really really good. I don’t like frisée but the husband does so decided to go ahead w it and in the end I loved the frisée. Oven roasted shallot and the lemon zest in the salad both gave it something unexpected that made the salad. So glad I made this!

  5. Hi Debra, That’s fantastic! Frisée can be really bitter, but if it’s balanced I love it. Glad to know the salad was a hit.

  6. Leenu Chawla

    Amazing recipe… simple and fresh salad!!
    I will make it this evening :o)


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