loss, thanks, and pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie from scratch

Things have been pretty quiet around here. We said goodbye to our sweet pup Oscar last Friday, and since then I’ve been pretty blue. But the thing is, when you have two kids and a busy life, it’s hard to stop time and just be sad. The days when I could wallow in sadness, alternating between lounging in bed and long baths, are over. No matter what we’re feeling, lunch needs to be packed, people need to be picked up, dropped off, and life goes on. But amidst the hustle, there’s a stray hair, or a tennis ball rolling out from under the couch and my heart breaks all over again.

oscar, the best dog in the world

Heavy hearts aside, it has donned on me that Thanksgiving is next week. Like, six days away. And we’re preparing dinner for 13! My goal this year is to be organized, relaxed, and to really enjoy the company. This has been a fall for remembering the little things and enjoying the moment, since life as we know it can change in an instant. I guess what I’m saying is, this Thanksgiving my goal is to be, above all else, thankful.

With that in mind, I’m dragging out one from the archives: classic pumpkin pie from scratch. Ditch the canned stuff, and bake up this silky, flavorful, real pumpkin pie. Real except that I frequently skip the pumpkin and use butternut or kabocha squash instead. You won’t tell will you? Here’s our recipe.

I’m slowly getting back in the groove, so check back next week for a flurry of holiday recipes. Until then, give your loved ones an extra squeeze or sniff, and send out a little wish that our sweet, sweet Oscar is at peace in that big dog park in the sky.


  1. says

    So sorry about your dog, that stinks. Thank you for expressing your thoughts in a lovely & simple post. I love pumpkin pie from scratch, its just so satisfying. I’ve got a pumpkin sitting on my counter at home, just waiting for me to bake it. I think I might have to use this recipe! Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      @Rosemarried, Thanks for thinking of us. Losing a pet is just plain rough. It’s such a personal loss, one that might not be shared with friends or family, so I’m glad to have this outlet to share my feelings. Cheers to you and yours for a happy Thanksgiving filled with lots and lots of pumpkin pie!

  2. Rachael D. S. says

    Lovely tribute to the best dog. I dedicate this year’s from-scratch pumpkin pie to you, Oscar N. S. You will be missed.

  3. Sista Reev says

    Thanks for reminding us about the extra hug and kiss…everybody needs reminding from time to time…and yes, all dogs go to heaven:)

  4. says

    So sad about your sweet Oscar. When I did research for pumpkin scones, it was pretty universally declared that kabocha and butternut taste better in baked goods anyway. No shame! I hope your Thanksgiving is a great one.


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