yellow watermelon salad

yellow watermelon salad

I’ve been pretty behind in things this summer. I do have a great reason, but I still can’t help feeling summer has slipped by. And now the weather has turned from muggy and sweltering to perfectly pleasant. Bright blue skies and crisp shadows mean that fall is near, and it’s time to frantically enjoy summer before it ends. Canning, freezing, berry picking, fig, blueberry, and tomato eating are among the late summer tasks on my agenda.

And before the apples, greens, cabbage, and squash start rolling in, here’s a colorful summer salad brimming with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, watermelon, and fresh tarragon–perfect for picnics and outdoor parties. We used a yellow watermelon here, but regular watermelon will do just fine. This salad has lots of white pepper, and I love the subtle kick it lends. Head over to’s Family Kitchen for our recipe.

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