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  1. This might be the prettiest Birthday Cake I’ve ever seen!

  2. Yum! And very pretty! I grew up eating a vegan chocolate cake whose recipe also hailed from the depression era and had been passed down in my family. We called it “Debbie’s Chocolate Cake,” named for a girlfriend (whose name was Debbie) my uncle once had. I love the idea of making such a cake with blood orange – another one of my favorite foods, but a little difficult to find this time of year. Thanks for the warning about the coloring!

  3. What a picture perfect looking cake! I like the twist with the blood orange flavouring :)

  4. that cake looks beautiful. I really like the color of the blood oranges on top. Looks tasty as well ;)

  5. Alia

    This is GORGEOUS. Can’t believe it’s vegan too–what a great find!

  6. I haven’t dabbled much in vegan cakes, but this looks beautiful! I’ll have to go check out the recipe :)

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