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  1. I’ve developed a slightly shameful affinity for mayo, so I will be sure to hug the next southerner with whom I cross paths. :) And add some Old Bay.

  2. you are so right – it’s easy to think I have to have the same nostalgic taste in food! This mayo looks fab. I don’t know if Old Bay is widely available – I live near the Bay itself and LOVE this spice mix. I sprinkle a little in most chowders I make.

  3. Dan Clark

    You mean next time they head *north*.

    • Hi Dan, Thanks for the input, but I’m going to stand by south. If you live in the north and someone you know is going to the south you should ask them to get you some. To your point, you could also ask a southerner to bring some up north. The possibilities are endless.


  1. […] been itching to try, these will be good place to start, as they taste good with everything from Old Bay mayo to roast garlic and avocado aioli to homemade ketchup to quick pickled red […]

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