mother’s day

strawberry polenta pound cake

It feels like I’ve been doing a lot of mothering lately, both of the growing baby living inside me, and my daughter who’s about to turn four. When she was a toddler things were in some ways easier–she just went with the flow–but now there are tough questions about life and death, how things work, and what things are. There are a lot of flat out “No’s,” whereas before there were so few, and even those were half-hearted. So it’s nice that this Mother’s Day, my third, we’re celebrating. There was a tear-inducing card about the things my daughter likes to do with me (making cake, riding the bus, and eating breakfast among them) and a surprise dinner out with my husband (complete with babysitter–thanks LMK).

All this talk of mothering, the time it takes, is my way of saying that we haven’t been spending a lot of time here on Brooklyn Supper lately. Besides general parenting, there are a few reasons. For starters I’m in the third trimester of my pregnancy, and starting to really feel it. Another thing is that we’ve recently transitioned into a two full-time plus working parent home. But, there’s some light at the end of this work tunnel. In a week, I’m leaving my day job. While caring for a newborn and a four-year old, plus freelancing isn’t exactly no day job, it will be a far cry from the manic schedules Brian and I have been maintaining. I’m looking forward to coming home, by which I mean, getting back to my blogging roots and spending some time here at Brooklyn Supper, cooking some seasonal food. Just one more week and we’ll be back. I can’t wait to sit down and chat.

In the meantime, why don’t you make something nice for your dear old mom. How about this moist, tender strawberry polenta pound cake? The toothsome texture, and real strawberry flavor is equally at home for breakfast or dessert. I’d love to have some piled high with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, but it’s fantastic by itself, or warm, with a pat of butter. Happy Mother’s Day everyone. See you very soon.


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    While I am only the mother of one (and always will be), I can so understand the push and pull that is mothering…and I do not envy you the end of third trimester.

    It will be nice to see more of you but I’m glad you are present where and when it matters. It is no small gift, all that mothering. Though belated, happy mother’s day. :)

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    Hi Tricia, You are so right. I am relieved to be getting to a place where the mothering doesn’t feel like an afterthought, because it really is a gift.

    A very belated happy Mother’s day to you too!

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    Glad you had a great mother’s day – it had to be with a cake like that, I think. I know nothing about mothering, but it sounds hectic and hard and probably wonderful too :)

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