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  1. Major yum! I don’t think I’ve ever stuffed lamb into a sandwich but clearly I oughtta!

  2. Thanks Kimberley. As far as sandwiches go, it was pretty amazing.

  3. love your blog! i just linked to your post on a salad that used purslane. everything you make looks absolutely amazing!

    check it out! http://lagunadirt.blogspot.com/2011/04/eat-your-weeds.html

    and thanks!!

  4. Alia

    Nice! We’re having leg of lamb for Easter, so I’ll suggest this for leftovers!

  5. Oh yum – I’m planning to roast half a leg of lamb on Easter Sunday and my mint is still growing (it is Autumn here) – this sauce made for one (me) will be perfect.

    The Spring lamb 1/2 leggie is currently in my freezer – I will get it out to thaw in the fridge tomorrow (Good Friday here) then bone and butterfly on Saturday ready for a lemon and rosemary marinade overnight. My dear rescue cat doesn’t know there will be smoked fish on Friday and lamb on Sunday – I’m so looking forward to the lamb leftovers now I’ve found your recipe.

    I hope your Easter is both gentle and happy,

    Michelle and Zebby Cat down-under in Wellington, New Zealand, xxx and purrrrumbles

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