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  1. Oh yes. Sometimes I wish I could just pop over for a Sunday roast at your house. :)

  2. Kimberley, I wish the same! We’ll have to befriend a mad scientist who can arrange for bi-coastal dinnertime teleportation.

  3. This just sounds like a good meal to make my home smell delicious. Gosh, just looking at that lamb is making me hungry.


  1. […] polenta comes in. It’s a versatile base for any number of fall favorites, from braises, to tomato-based sauces, to sautéed sausage. Roasted acorn squash adds sweet and buttery notes, and blends seamlessly […]

  2. […] I just haven’t had the time or courage to try yet. When I came across Brooklyn Supper’s Lamb Ragu over Polenta, I never thought it could fill that big pasta hole in my stomach, but the recipe looked so good, I […]

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