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  1. This looks really good and maybe it might be nice with yogurt instead of cream? I just picked up an ice cream maker at a garage sale so I’m going to start using it and this looks really nice and refreshing.

  2. This sounds so utterly lovely and fresh. Cheers to you for mid-winter sherbert making, I’ve been making ice cream all winter.

  3. @kickpleat, The whipped cream lends a lot of lightness to the sherbet, but I think your could sub in yogurt if you used a lighter, strained variety (like skirr). The double tang would be fantastic.
    @Dana, Thanks! So glad to know I’m not the only winter ice cream maker.

  4. I need to make this. I like the yogurt idea too. :)

  5. Kent

    I tried this today – everyone loved it – perfect for a hot summer day.
    I picked this recipe because it used a bit of cream, different from a lot of the other sherbets which called for egg whites. The cream seemed more appealing.
    Also I added about 1/3tsp guar gum per quart of mix as an emulsifier, to make it smoother.
    (The usual rate is around 1tsp/qt.)
    Then I froze it in a Donvier ice cream maker which froze it quite well.

    Is that really the right photo above ? That one has more of a coffee color on all the screens I’ve viewed it on, whereas my sherbet turned out more the expected light pink.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Kent, Glad to hear you liked the recipe, and thanks for sharing your recipe modifications! My sherbet did turn out to be more of a tan/orange color as opposed to pink. I assume it has to do with the color of the grapefruits. The color of yours sounds gorgeous!


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