simple apple tart

I’ve been pining for this tart for weeks now. The apples to make the tart were purchased, and eaten, and then purchased again. As we busily moved forward with life, and winter, I was anticipating clean, sweet apple tart flavors but always to tired to bring them to life. And then, finally, we had an epic snow day, and just like last year, this was great weather for making an apple tart.

This simple preparation is a dream. With so few ingredients, and just a bit of sugar, the delightfully grassy granny smith flavors come through, along with caramel notes from the browned apples mingling with butter and sugar. There’s no pre-bake for the shell–just roll the dough, arrange the slices, and pour on the butter and sugar. Easy and elegant, I nominate this one for your next dinner party or romantic dinner for two.

Head over to the Family Kitchen for our recipe.



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