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  1. What a perfect winter salad. Love the grainy mustard, lime and cheese! thanks!


  1. […] Radicchio is an ingredient that captures autumnal glory perfectly with its lovely colors and robust flavors. Fresh at the markets right now, you’ll find big, wild heads of the stuff, delicate maroon in hue with dark green tips, and white and purple innards. These aren’t the precious, trimmed things you see in little baskets at the store, rather, they’re full heads of young, fresh, just-bitter radicchio. A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was attempting a salad with raddichio and caramelized leeks, red onion, red peeper. The salad tasted great, but in pictures it was just this formless mess of jewel-tones. So we’ll skip the pictures and say ferret out a head of radicchio, cut it up, and eat it. Not in some precious, I-haven’t-had-something-that’s-not-cabbage-in-5-months kind of way, but with apples, or pears, some alliums, cheese, and maybe croutons. For inspiration, check out this radicchio salad with cippolini, beets, and carrots, or this simpler salad with a lime vinaigrette. […]

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