cream of mushroom soup

We made an excellent mushroom soup this weekend. It was actually our daughter’s idea, but then she didn’t eat any. It was easier to make than a traditional cream of mushroom (no roux!), but so tasty and filling. With nutty mushroom flavors, and notes of lemon and Madeira, it’s at once elegant and hearty. Ours was accompanied by grilled cheese, though I think some garlic and Parmesan toast would be ideal. If you’re suffering from the cold weather like we are, head over to’s Family Kitchen and check it out.


  1. Lauren says

    Hi. This site is very hard to navigate. It’s bothersome to click on a photo which looks like it will produce a recipe for a particular dish, when in truth I will be routed to another website. Case in point: I’ve tried to get the recipe for the above soup, but I cannot get the recipe directly from you. Why do you do this, and can I please get the recipe without being directed to another site? Signed, former Jersey Girl.

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