ultimate ginger cookies

I love almost everything about this time of year–family, lights, trees, giving ad receiving, and the food. But there’s one thing I don’t like, cookie season. Don’t get me wrong, I love cookies–it’s just that I’m not very good at making them. While all other manner of baked goods turn out well, I have a really hard time with cookies. There are two main problems, the first is that I don’t really measure that accurately, and the second is I always, always overcook them. Well, not exactly always, but usually.

Every year I promise myself to turn over a new leaf. And this year I may have actually done it. Over on Babble.com’s Family Kitchen we have been making some great cookies. And these ginger cookies are particularly awesome.

Gingersnaps are an excellent Christmas cookie and that’s usually what I make. But this year I wanted something chewy, not crisp. These ultimate ginger cookies fit the bill perfectly. With three kinds of ginger, whole-wheat flour, and the perfect balance of salty sweet, they’re my new favorite cookie. Like, favorite favorite. Head over to the Family Kitchen for the recipe.


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    I’m not so great with accuracy where measuring is concerned either, which, funnily enough, was why I always thought that I was okay at making cookies but not other, more complicated, baked goods. (Ahem, pies.)

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