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  1. Such timing. We are preparing rabbit for the first time in this house for a dinner Friday! Where did you get your rabbit? Where we’ll get ours, I doubt it will be cheap, sadly. Ah well.

  2. Carrie

    Gorgeous photograph! If you are interested in venison I can get you some very inexpensively.

  3. @ Kimberley, we got our rabbit at The Meat Hook in Williamsburg, BK, but I’ll need to ask Brian how much it was. Glad to know your going for it! I love how we always have such great food synergy!

    @Carrie, Thanks for the photo compliment. Hmmmmmm, might have to take you up on the venison!

  4. goodness gracious i’ve been looking for a delicious something or other to feast on that features bugs bunny and i think i may just have to whip this little something or other up!

    blog love :)


  5. @Cookie–yeah, bugs bunny is pretty delicious! Thanks for checking out the recipe.


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