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  1. nellie

    mmmmmmmmmm, you temptress
    i saw blackberries growing on the beach in Montauk the other day..wild! there on the beach dunes! blackberries! apparent witchery!

  2. nellie

    blackberries are large, bulbous and sour/tart/prickly ouch yet worth it, and oddly found in both mountains and beach sand dunes,
    while black raspberries are hours of gorging-sweet, face stained and giddy…bliss

  3. elizabeth

    Hi Nellie, thanks for the horticultural perspective. Though their flavor is different, I thought they would both do well in this simple, open tart. One might want to leave out some of the blackberry juice to avoid an overly sogged crust.

  4. kickpleat

    I have picked a ton of tayberries and blackberries this past weekend and was looking for a simple tart I could make. This looks ideal.

  5. elizabeth

    Mmmmm, I will have to try tayberries. I bet the two tones will be beautiful in the tart.

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