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  1. Peter

    my parents have been making potatoes this way for a while – have never soaked them beforehand, though, so will definitely have to try next time. also delicious with some dill or rosemary sprinkled on before cooking.

  2. elizabeth

    The herbs sound like a great addition! I have also been hankering for some homemade ketchup to take these to the next level.

  3. patrick

    Hey boss.
    We made a bunch of pickles at school today. Do you know about lime soaking? Its pretty cool. You can soak any starchy thing in it and it becomes crispy.
    Nice burger buddy, your website is a pleasure.

  4. elizabeth

    I don't know a thing about lime soaking, but I am very intrigued since everything tastes better with citrus and salt.

    I bet those kids made some awesome pickles. I hope LWC brought a jar home with him.

    Thanks for the props!

  5. nellie

    Dukes holds a special place in my heart…as a tomato sandwich connossieur who proclaims the open faced- toasted wheat bread, a smear on mayo, salt and pepper as the ultimate tomato sandwich variety/ ratio, i have sought the best in mayo and frankly, in america and beyond homemade, Dukes reigns supreme!

    and thanks for the word on the potato soaking- i've been wondering!

  6. lily

    dude. crispy oven fries just got scratched off of my "mysteries of the world" list. thanks!

  7. Kimberley

    The perennial dilemma! I'm going to try this soon. I tried deep-frying polenta fries recently and it scared me off deep frying forever.

  8. Cecil Congleton

    Recipe looks great. The only thing bad is, YOU CAN`T PURCHASE DUKES MAYO in upstate New York. DUKES is the best mayo ever made I was raised on DUKES, being a transplant from the glorious SOUTH. Sure do miss my DUKES MAYO.

  9. Since my doctor told me to lay off the high fat stuff a few years back I’ve been using low fat mayos since then. Most taste like crap but I found that Laura Lynn’s low fat mayo from Ingles taste very similar to Dukes. Its not exactly the same taste but if you have to have low fat mayo, Laura Lynn is better than any other I have tried and that is a lot of brands.

  10. @Cecil, We feel your pain. Our method is to stockpile the stuff and beg anyone headed south to bring us a few jars. Because Dukes *is* the best.
    @Elvenrunelord, That’s a great tip on a low fat option. Thanks for checking out the recipe!


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