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  1. Deanna

    I've never made an olive oil cake. I've heard they're delicious but I just flash back to when I was 9 and decided to make a boxed cake with olive oil instead of vegetable oil. I have some friends going to Italy soon so I might suck it up and make this for their going away party. Do you think rosemary would be good in it?

  2. elizabeth

    Hi Deanna, I think this recipe woud be great with rosemary. You might try adding a few spring to the glaze and steeping them while the cake bakes. Then you could call it "olive oil cake with a rosemary-infused glaze," and that sounds really fancy.

  3. rebecca

    can i use sour cream instead of yogurt.

  4. Sandra van Nood

    If you want to use extra-virgin olive oil it should be the ‘hojiblanca’ type. This is a spanish olive oil with a ‘soft’ taste which does very well in cakes.


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