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  1. Sanura

    Great post for preserving onions over a longer period of time. I sometimes do a quick pickling by letting red onions sit in vinegar for at least 20 minutes. Sometimes, I use cucumbers for Asian dishes.

  2. elizabeth

    Hi Sanura, I like the idea of a no-cook pickled onion. Next time burgers are on tap I'll give that a try.

  3. nellie

    ooh yum….i'm goona try that out, thanks brooklyn supper..xo

  4. elizabeth

    If you do try it, let us know. Also, maybe you can come up with some exotic island pickles–pickled coconut?

  5. Anonymous

    Do these come out with a sweet taste to them?
    Im looking for a pickled red onion recipe that i can put on fresh salads…like they serve in restaurants
    but i like them softer…not crispy

  6. elizabeth

    I would say these have a bit or bite from the vinegar. If you are after something milder, maybe try subbing one third of the vinegar for water, and adding more honey or a few tablespoons of sugar. Also, if you'd like them to be softer, just slice the onions on the thin side and let them cure a little longer.

  7. Anonymous

    Coming from England I enjoyed this recipe……… I added a table spoon of sugar just gave them a hint of sweetness and sliced them finer. I smoke meats as a hobby and I served them in Brisket and Pulled pork wraps.

    Thanks Graham.

  8. Rose

    I love snacking on onions..And pickles, so I’ll have to give these a go. I make refrigerator cucumber pickles with apple cider vinegar. Recipe is close, but without the honey.

  9. Does this pickle have to be refrigerated immediately? I am wishing to mail some to friends and family. Would it go bad?

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Pike, Quick pickles are not shelf stable, and cannot be left at room temperature. If you want to preserve them, you’ll need to find a recipe for fermented or heat-processed pickles. This recipe must be refrigerated to be safe.


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