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  1. jenblossom

    It's amazing how people accept (and eat! and feed their kids!) stuff that isn't even actual food. I'll give up meat altogether before going back to unethically raised stuff, now that I know what I do.

    Snobby? Maybe. But I think it's totally okay that our food budget is what it is for our family of two. Real food shouldn't come cheap.

    Your feast looks fabulous.

  2. Brian

    Jen, thanks for the comment. I totally agree. The thing about buying ethically raised meats is that it really makes you think about how much meat you eat and how often. People didn't used to eat meat 2-3 meals a day and they were comfortable eating things like tongue, marrow, organs, and cuts that need to be braised for a long time. When you pay a little more for meat, you start to look at those cheaper cuts and a lot of them are really fantastic, so in a way, it can really broaden your horizons. I know I never considered oxtails and lamb necks before we switched to ethically raised meats.

  3. Alisha

    yum. I wish I were there for the leftovers. Brian – do you remember Lauren Kahn (now Cleary), my freshman roommate? She and her husband have a small organic farm up in northern Vermont and we were just emailing about how the environment and our health would be so much better off if we only bought meat from organic, sustainable farms. As demand increases, so will supply, but things look bleak: http://www.newyorker.com/arts/critics/books/2009/11/09/091109crbo_books_kolbert

    Anyhow, thanks for the feast for my eyes.

  4. Kimberley

    I was expecting actual food snobbery.
    Everything looks amazing and delicious. I love huge feasts.

  5. Judy

    Real food, real friends, real fun, really cool!

  6. elizabeth

    Hi Alisha–that's so cool that you and Brian have friends that have a farm! We do all need to eat less meat, but when it is sustainably raised, it's ideally part of the farm as a whole. I'm definitely more on the Kolbert side of things than the Foer, though I admire his sincerity.

    Kimberley–We'll try and up the snobby next Thanksgiving. By the way, we really did have the shepherds pie with turkey. We all decided it should be called turkey herders pie. It was great–thanks for the recipe!

    Judy–I hope your feast was similarly bountiful and wonderful. When are you going to visit again?


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