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  1. Sprouted Kitchen

    amazing! Black pepper and ginger are without question two of my most favorite spices in the world. This sounds incrediby and different from the predictably sweet stuff!

  2. elizabeth

    Black pepper and ginger are slowly making their way into all of my sweets. Yay!

  3. liliana baclea

    Hi B,

    I google yesterday and I found your sour cherry ice cream recipe. cause the simplicity of the way of cooking, I tried and it has been divine. One of the most simple and tasty ice cream I ever made. We are fortunate in my country to have amazing sour cherries and now is their season. But, today I intend to try the your ginger& pepper ice cream recipe. please give me a hint, cause I do not know, how much ginger shell I use for it.
    Thank you again for your generous way of sharing with us, your time and gifts. I take a bow.

    Liliana from Romania

    • Hello Liliana, Thank you for checking out our site. For the ginger, I recommend a 4 inch section of fresh ginger, peeled and sliced (this is about 10 centimeters). The ginger steeps in the cream to give it flavor. Hope you like the recipe and thanks so much for commenting!

  4. Hi, Elizabeth. :) I stumbled on your blog in a happy accident, and I am now going to make this delicious ice cream.

    I have a question: Do you know why the ginger is boiled/steeped in water first? Doesn’t that reduce the flavor? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Néné, So very glad you found us! I steep the ginger beforehand to take out a bit of the bite. Fresh ginger can be quite spicy, and that spice intensifies as the ice cream cures, so the steep method offers a mellow and rich ginger flavor. You could try finely grating a bit of the fresh stuff and adding that to taste of you’re after a bit more bite. I’d guess a teaspoon would give you some intensity.

      • Aha! Okay. Well, I love the bite of fresh ginger, so I’m going to leave it in and see what happens as it cures. I made a slightly different ice cream from the one you posted: ginger-honey, with black pepper and roasted balsamic cherries. I tasted it last night (24 hours of curing) and it wasn’t too spicy. We’ll see again tonight. :)

        Thanks for replying! Be well.


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