cornmeal-crusted fish tacos with lime crema

cornmeal-crusted fish tacos with lime crema // brooklyn supperI spent my teen years outside of San Diego during what may have been a fish taco renaissance. But, because I was a vegetarian in those days, I’ve never actually had a legendary Baja or Baja-style fish taco. Instead, my first best fish taco happened years later at the Bonita on Bedford Ave. Everyone insisted you get the fish tacos. And so you did, and then you were indoctrinated and went on to only order the fish tacos pretty much every time. Even when you didn’t, the decision not to was excruciating. [Read more…]

roasted golden beet and carrot dip + reclaiming the kitchen

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roasted golden beet and carrot dip // brooklyn supperroasted golden beet and carrot dip // brooklyn supperThe home-cooked meal is tricky business. Brian and I strive for the domestic ideal of a meal made with care and skill shared with those we love. But in our lived experiences, there are nights when any number of ordinary calamities can trip us up, and we end up calling out for pizza. [Read more…]

cornmeal pancakes with honey orange syrup + a brown eggs and jam jars giveaway

cornmeal pancakes with honey orange syrup // brooklyn supperWhen I began this blog, summer was without a doubt my favorite season for food. I looked forward to summer highlights like piles of stone fruit, ripe tomatoes, and sweet corn all year long. But lately, I find spring is my favorite season. I love the anticipation and finding a new ingredient available each week, especially after so many months of the same roots and hardy greens. First there are chives, followed by green garlic, then ramps, lettuce, asparagus, and finally, strawberries. For years now, as I’ve savored these moments at my own farmer’s market or in my garden, I’ve also enjoyed experiencing the spring awakening through my friend Aimée.

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grilled steaks with horseradish herb butter and smashed potatoes + a simple valentine’s day menu

grilled steaks with horseradish herb butter // brooklyn suppergrilled steaks with horseradish herb butter // brooklyn supperGenerally speaking, I hold a winter without snow in very low esteem. Still, when temperatures hit the sixty degree mark this weekend, we surrendered to nature and decided to grill. Likewise, I typically frown on early chives or premature forsythia blossoms, but decided to embrace things and reserved a spindly bunch of early chives for the weekend’s cooking projects.

Brian likes to take a book outside and watch the grill while it gets going. Then at some point, I’ll set the girls up with an activity (just kidding –– it’s tv) and sneak outside. If there’s bourbon, we drink some. We dodge the smoke and talk. The girls usually make their way out too. And for just a while, we all hang out before things descend into the usual pre-dinner chaos.  [Read more…]

pomelo chili palomas

pomelo chili palomas // brooklyn supperpomelo chili palomas // brooklyn supperI’m a dedicated brown liquor type and pretty stodgy in my drink ordering ways, so I was a little late to the tequila game. Like all tequila forays, it began with the margarita. Not the frozen kind, but the kind with fresh limes served over ice. And the margarita is so good, I didn’t really think to mess with it until I met the paloma. [Read more…]

gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with grapefruit maple syrup

gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with grapefruit maple syrup // brooklyn suppergluten-free buckwheat pancakes with grapefruit maple syrup // brooklyn supperDuring my eighties childhood, a halved grapefruit appeared in the breakfast portion of any diet’s sample menu. My family took that as a cue, I think, and served up these healthy halves of grapefruit, too. Except, in a move that definitely undid whatever health benefits the fruit had, the adults spooned a modest sprinkling of sugar onto their grapefruit, while I dumped a good-sized mound onto the same. As a rule, we should be wary of a fruit that requires sugar to consume.

We should also be wary of a fruit whose most popular varieties have been chosen because of how well they ship and store rather than how good they taste. Where grapefruits are concerned, the emphasis has long been on ease of distribution. But those of us who like to eat (even in winter) are lucky that grapefruit technology has come a long way. Better distribution, producers who understand that people want flavor too, and a general upscaling of everything mean that flavorless grapefruits have mostly gone the way of mealy Red Delicious apples. (Even if the bad rep they earned seems to linger.) [Read more…]